Pin Up Posters Courier Collective

a worker-owned bike-based poster distribution service for cultural and community events

Pin Up Posters Courier Collective has been distributing posters and promotional materials by bike in Pittsburgh since 2008.

Advantages of Working with Pin Up

We are a worker owned cooperative!

In many places, we single-handedly manage bulletin boards and windows, keeping the displays orderly and visible. As a general good practice, we always respectfully pull down what we post as these events pass by.

We don’t ever tear down or post over other organizations’ posters unless the event has passed. We prefer to show our clients and other organizations the respect they deserve, even if it means that we have to skip a posting location that week because the board is full.

We have built solid relationships with business owners around the city who graciously let us use their windows, bulletins, refrigerator fronts, defunct payphones, you name put up posters. By maintaining these relationships through mutual respect, we ensure the continued use of their space for advertising our clients’ events. We always ask before posting in an unfamiliar place!

We don’t litter and we even recycle outdated flyers. Being in the paper business, we know we gotta do right by ol’ Mother Earth and the local Pittsburgh businesses!

We are honest about our capacity. We have been doing this long enough to know the best posting places and the worst ones. We want to help you advertise by getting your materials into the most visible spots and the spots that we know won’t get your poster torn down the next day. We also have a “no dumping” policy, meaning that we won’t dump a hundred flyers in one place just to unload them.

We will only invoice you after the distribution is complete, and you will never be charged for materials that don’t go up.

We are insured! Please ask us if you need information about our liability coverage.

Oh, and did we mention that we do everything by bicycle? That means that our only environmental impact is the very paper we post—which your organization can feel great about!

Pin Up Posters Courier Collective
460 Melwood Ave.
, Ste 212
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 407-7678(POST)