Pin Up Posters Courier Collective

a worker-owned bike-based poster distribution service for cultural and community events

Pin Up Posters Courier Collective has been distributing posters and promotional materials by bike in Pittsburgh since 2008.

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Thanks for choosing Pin Up Posters Courier Collective!

We are currently accepting job requests for the distribution week of 4/24–5/1 and beyond. Feel free to submit job requests as far in advance as you’d like!


After you submit an order request we will confirm the order by the end of the next day. Please remember first time clients must pay beforehand, so place your order well in advance to work out billing details.

Please try to place your order by the weekend for the following Wednesday–Wednesday distribution cycle. Orders received after 7 p.m. Tuesday will bumped onto the next distribution cycle. The sooner the better as this helps us schedule pickups and our work week in order to better serve you.

Materials may be dropped off at the Bloomcraft Building located at 460 Melwood Ave. (leave materials on window ledge by the main entrance or in our water-tight deposit box outside). We can also pick up your materials for an added fee.

If you have any questions about billing or distribution, please read our faq ( or drop us a line *
Name *
8.5"x11" and smaller, ~300 max total posters
11"x17" and smaller (but larger than 8.5"x11"), ~275 max total posters
Larger than 11"x17" (must not exceed 18"x20"), ~250 max total posters
6"x8" and smaller, ~1600 max
Larger than 6"x8", must be smaller than 8.5"x11"
Bound or folded items
When can you drop the work off to us? Or, when will the materials be available for pickup?
Need Pickup?
Will you need us to pick up the materials? ($12 additional fee)
Check each area you would like, for a $5 additional fee per area Remember Zone 2 distributions are biweekly, which will affect distribution dates
Currently, the availability of the areas below are subject to change week to week so please make sure we confirm availability and added fee. Please make sure to plan a longer lead up time
Please note any other details or special requests here such as neighborhood focus. Feel free to list neighborhoods you want or don't want, whichever is easier. Also, please note billing information, if different from that listed above.

Pin Up Posters Courier Collective
460 Melwood Ave.
, Ste 212
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 407-7678(POST)